Soothing Source Code → More playing around with Google today. I thought it might be interesting to have a voice actor read a major website’s source code. I liked the idea that a human wrote the code, so another should read it like a script or performance for programmers. Also I like the idea of making the invisible infrastructure of the Internet into something else.

Anyway, I downloaded the source code and brought it into a word doc to use to get a quote from an actor. The document ran to nearly 100 pages so I knew a reading wasn’t really feasible anymore. Instead I had Adam, Apple’s speech tool, read it outloud which I’ve uploaded to YouTube above. It’s nearly 9 hours in lenght.

UPDATE: I made a quick piece of atmospheric music to accompany the video above. Play both clips at the same time. You can change the speed of the YouTube film (using the settings icon, I like 0.75 speed) and the volume levels of each peiece of content to get some interesting results. Make sure to set the SoundCloud track to repeat if you want to fall asleep to a soothing lullaby from Google.