Smart Skin?

Credit: CES 2022 BMW by MY Car Update YouTube Channel

Last year car maker BMW showcased a new technology that enables drivers to instantly change the colour and surface design of their car. Itโ€™s an impressive innovation to be fair but I canโ€™t help feeling itโ€™s also a little meh โ€” kind of like go faster stripes that move. If I was working over at BMW HQ Iโ€™d love to see the tech used in more considered waysโ€ฆ


Like what if the car surface could sync with Spotify and display the artwork of the music youโ€™re listening to?

Or maybe the technology could help professional drivers switch easily from being on duty to off duty?

Men (boy racers) are more than twice as likely to speed so perhaps the skin could have an automatic satefy feature that displays something distinctly un-boy racery when the car goes over the speeding limit?

Could the car make it easier to signal important information to other road users?

Sticking with road safety, what if you could turn your entire car into a gigantic indicator? 

Or what if in emergencies you could turn your entire car into a MASSIVE flashing siren? (This would also be good for undercover cops springing into action).

Could there be a car pooling mode that signals your live route and destination to others?

If a driver is parked illegally or driving like a bozo, could the car automatically display their licence?