Interdimensional Grosvenor Road

Nowhere Like Home — Today, with Google Maps, I was exploring streets in different countries that share the same name. The video above takes the left side of Grosvenor Road in Bristol, England, and butts it against the right side of Grosvenor Road in Dublin, Ireland. My new inter-dimensional Grosvenor Road has different cultures, histories and laws either side of the street.

Interdimensional Main Street

Using the name Main Street is maybe a bit of a cop out but anyway, this is Main Street in Buffalo, USA, set with Main Street in Bray, Ireland. I like this one because each side of the street has vastly different time zones and weather system. It could be a warm summers night on one side of the street, and a cold, rainy day on the other. There’s probably an interesting post-colonial mapping project in this.