Costemics That Count

Cosmetics That Count → Another 2015 project for the Science Gallery here. This is a speculative range of cosmetic products that monitor the subtle and not-so-subtle facial and body movements of users in order to track emotions and offer tailored advice.

The range consists of foundation, lipstick and nail gloss, each of which are embedded with Liquid Micro Sensors that sync with an app (Liquid Micro Sensor technology doesn’t currently exist but I’m sure someone is working on it somewhere).

Nail gloss, lipstick and foundationNail gloss, lipstick and foundation

At the end of each day users are given insights into their interactions and behaviours. For example the app might highlight and question why a user was biting their nails so much. Or it might identify some frowning, insincere smiling or over-blinking (apperently signs of deception) and attempt to rectify the situation with advice and tutorials.

I’m not so sure this would be a good thing for humanity. As with the other pieces I made for the Science Gallery, this product was intended to prompt discussion around the kind of technologies we want to see emerge in the future.