Celebrity Tracker → Celebrity products. Beyoncé has a perfume line, David Beckham has a range of jeans, Sarah-Jessica Parker has a collection of wines and Chris DeBurgh has a line of athlete’s foot powder (only joking about that one). In today’s influencer-led world, consumers are only too willing to part with cash in a bid to look, feel and act like their favourite A-lister. Made for the Science Gallery in 2015, The Celebrity Tracker offers users the chance to go beyond these material products and instead consume the real gold—celebrity data.

How it works is simple; any time a user pushes the big red button, the Justin Bieber Celebrity Tracker reads out random live data from Justin’s connected devices; how many calories he’s consumed today, how much battery his iPhone has left, what he’s watching on Netflix, his Uber driver’s name, his heart-rate, his alarm time and tone and much more. Mundane metrics offered as a Tamagotchi-style subscription service.

Justin has offically endorsed this product

The Celebrity Tracker imagines a future in which even the smallest parts of our lives can be synced with those of our favourite celebrities (imagine trying to match your heartbeat to Justin Bieber's, or getting up in the morning when his alarm goes off, or watching what he’s watching on Netflix at the exact same time).

Does the world need this? Definitely not. Would people buy into this? I kinda think they would. Would I sell the intellectual rights to this service? Absolutely.