Camfession advertisment

CamFession App & Crucifix → In Ireland (where I grew up) Catholics go to confession to be forgiven for their juicy sins. And, like most Christians, Catholics wear crucifixes to proudly signify their faith.

With this in mind in 2015 I created a speculative start-up called CamFession that promised to revolutionise the world of Catholicism with a streamlined, data-driven confession service. Made for the Science Gallery in Dublin, CamFession features a crucifix camera that live streams everything a wearer does back to a watching priest. As the crucifix wearer sins, the priest calculates penance and sends it back via the official CamFession app. No more time-consuming trips to the confession box, forgiveness is available on-the-fly.

The all seeing crucifix

Like a mix of Father Ted and Dave Egger’s ‘The Circle’, Camfession imagines a wonky future in which our sins become a form of trackable data. 

Update: The Vatican have now launched eRosary beads to help log prayers. I’ve had my legal team issue a cease and desist.