11:09 BLT

Bingo Lingo Time → This is a project I’m very fond of. Made with my good pals Aad, The Bingo Lingo Clock is an online clock that uses traditional bingo calls, rather than numbers, to tell the time.

Some background: In the UK version of the game Bingo, calls are used to acommpany each announced number. For example clickety click (66), two fat ladies (88), legs (11), Boris’s Den (10), etc. You can read more about Bingo Lingo here.

To celebrate this fun culture we made a digital clock whereby each new second is greeted with a playful and irreverent sentence. Bingo Lingo culture is sadly in decline so in a way attaching these calls to time itself means it will live forever (kind of).

A glossary of Bingo Calls

More recently with all this Brexit commotion I've been wondering would BLT, and not GMT, be a more suitable nostalgic time zone for post-Brexit Britain to set its clocks to? I'll meet you at Boris’s Den past Cup of Tea (3:10pm).

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